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History of the Professional Staff Association

bronco statue decorativeThe Association was established in 1976 to:

  • Promote and develop activities, policies, and procedures that enhance Boise State University in pursuit of its mission
  • Promote an active role for the professional staff in University governance structures
  • Achieve formal representation in the process of establishing University educational and operating procedures and policies
  • Represent the professional staff in policy matters about the personal and professional welfare


The Professional Staff Association Constitution was initially written in the late 1970’s and most recently modified in January 2004.
Professional Staff Association Constitution (PDF format)


  1. Official positions or views of the Association shall be determined by the members at an Association meeting, or between such meetings, by the Senate.
  2. The Association shall neither endorse nor oppose candidates for political office, either partisan or nonpartisan; nor shall it take a position on political issues unless they affect the operation or support of public higher education institutions or their staffs, facilities, or students.
  3. No organization or individual may use the Association’s mailing list for any political or commercial purpose.
  4. These By-laws may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the members voting, provided due notice, in writing, of the proposed amendment is submitted to the Senate at least thirty days prior to voting on the proposed amendment and the Secretary/Treasurer has distributed copies of the proposed amendment to the members of the Association at least 14 days prior to voting.