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  • Janet Atkinson
  • Catherine Bishop
  • Julie Bu
  • Peggy Davis
  • Scott Duncan
  • Kevin Learned
  • Bruce Newcomb
  • Patricia Pyke
  • Sandra Spear
  • Pamela Voorhis

How to be awarded Emeritus Status


The rank is accorded to members who have provided dedicated service to Boise State University and fulfill one of the following criteria:

  • Completed a minimum of fifteen (15) years in a continuous benefit eligible permanent position at Boise State University, in good standing and eligible to take retirement benefits.
  • Completed less than fifteen (15) years at Boise State University, and eligible for retirement benefits. The recommending department must nominate the candidate for Emeriti status because the candidate has made lasting contributions that have favorably affected the University as a whole.

Standard approval for employees with service of fifteen (15) year or more: The short form for an Emeriti appointment is to be initiated by the candidate with their supervisor and sent electronically to HR.

  1. HR will verify that the criteria have been fulfilled with regard to the length of service and retirement status.
  2. If HR verifies that the employee meets Emeriti status and is in good standing, the form will be processed and all notifications sent to the relevant departments.

Should the employee have served less than fifteen (15) years at Boise State University, by recommendation of the home department, the employee may be granted Emeriti Status. Candidates will initiate the process and in coordination with their department submit the Emeriti application along with the following materials to HR:

  1. Immediate supervisor approval.
  2. Letters of recommendation from at least three individuals professionally acquainted with the candidate, two individuals must be currently employed by Boise State.

2017-2018 Professional Staff Emeritus Status Awards

Emeriti Guild