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The Professional Staff Association comprises all professional employees at Boise State University. Boise State employs approximately 850 professional staff on campus, supporting every aspect of the University’s mission, from classroom instruction to financial administration, from administering student affairs functions to coaching athletes, and from computer networking to facility maintenance. These employees tend to the daily business of the University and are essential to the fundamental goal of educating students.

Each professional staff member is automatically a member of the Association. Members are not required to register, pay dues, or actively participate (although we hope you do).

The Association was established in 1976 in order to:

  • Promote and develop activities, policies, and procedures that enhance Boise State University in pursuit of its mission
  • Promote an active role for the professional staff in University governance structures
  • Achieve formal representation in the process of establishing University educational and operating procedures and policies
  • Represent the professional staff in policy matters pertaining to the personal and professional welfare

The members of the Association are represented by an elected Senate dedicated to meeting the needs and serving the interests of professional employees at Boise State University. The Senate meets monthly to discuss issues, projects, and Association business. Meetings are open to all professional staff members, and all members are always welcome to attend. We encourage every professional employee to explore this site and learn about becoming actively involved.

Roll up your sleeves and jump in!