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Printer Cartridge Recycling

RecycleFunding Factory.

The Funding Factory inspects, sorts and sends appropriate items to responsible remanufacturing and recycling centers. In addition to providing environmental protection, the Funding Factory refunds a portion of the recycling income directly to the university. Money earned from this recycling effort will be returned to Boise State to support additional recycling and sustainability initiatives, as well as provide continued funding to BSUAOP programs.

Here are a couple of examples* of how this type of recycling is making a lasting change:

  • Reprocessing one empty toner cartridge averts 2.5 pounds of solid waste from the landfill.
  • Recycling one printer cartridge prevents natural resources, such as oil, from being used to produce a new one.

* These facts are from the New York Times article  ”The Afterlife of Cellphones.”


For Academic units, Administrative units and “satellite” buildings serviced by FO&M, toner cartridges will be collected with department recycling items at the designated central department or building recycling location (along with paper, plastic, etc.).

For Auxiliary units, please note the following collection locations:

printer ink cartage

  • SUB – collection box is located in the SUB administration office
  • Athletics – with general recycling that is collected by FO&M
  • Taco Bell Arena – with general recycling that is collected by FO&M
  • Children’s Center – with general recycling that is collected by FO&M
  • Morrison Center – with general recycling that is collected by FO&M
  • Housing – collection box is located in the Housing and Residence Life administration office
  • Campus Recreation – collection box is located in the administration office

In order to ensure that the cartridge is not damaged and can be recycled, please place the used cartridge in the box that your new replacement cartridge comes in.

If you need assistance in identifying your recycling pickup location, contact  If you have any questions about this program, contact EHSS at or 426-3303.

If you have any additional questions, please call Leslie Black at 6-5776 or email her at  Thank you all in advance for your support.