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Professional Development Day

2016-2017 Annual Professional Development Day

Friday, April 21, 2017
8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Boise State University
Micron Business and Economics Building

Join business people, deans, legislators, teachers and community leaders as they hold workshops focused on diversity, leadership, and other important topics. There will be panels on Women in the Workplace as well as  Veterans in the Workplace. Some classes will entail hands on training while others are meant to be inspirational and eye opening.  Be prepared for some interactive classes in the afternoon, including yoga and self-defense, and a motivational keynote presentation by Boise’s own paralympian Sammi Tucker.

A one-day conference to better yourself, your work and your life! Held in the Micron Business and Economics Building on Friday, April 21st from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. Location is: 2360 W. University Drive (corner of Capitol Blvd. and University Dr.) Boise, ID 83706. Registration is $55 and includes conference materials, light breakfast and lunch. Breakfast includes assorted muffins, breakfast breads and pastries served with coffee, tea and assorted juices. Lunch includes sliced oven-roasted turkey, roast beef, black forest ham, and Genoa salami; swiss, american, and muenster cheeses; leaf lettuce, sliced tomatoes, and pickles; condiments; assorted baked breads and rolls; cranberry and apple couscous with almonds, red onions, fresh spinach and scallions; red skinned potato salad with egg, celery and spanish onion in a seasoned mayonnaise dressing; cookies; and lemonade.

Membership Special: Add only $5 to your registration to renew or join Boise State AOP as a new member through June 2018.

For more information contact Rob Pangaro at or (208)426-1388.


Participants will receive room locations and a map when they check in on Friday morning.

9:00-10:15 A.M.
1A. Conflict Management:

Joe Gundy, adjunct faculty in Dispute Resolution, will be teaching the process of Conflict Management and what it means to find successful outcomes.
· What is Emotional Intelligence and how did it come about?
· Looking at the Important Areas of Emotional Intelligence.
· 15 Key Competencies.
· What Does Centering in Self-awareness mean?

1B. How to Retain and Inspire Women at Work and Why It Matters:
This panel will be made up of significant women that have achieved success in their respective areas. This includes women in business, education and more. Panelists include:

  • Former HP Executive and current Boise State Assistant Professor in Management Shelle Poole
  • Boise State Associate Professor in Management Susan Park
  • West Ada School District Superintendent Mary Ann Ranells
  • Representative Melissa Wintrow, Idaho District 19

1C. Finding Win-Win Solutions:
Senator Steven Thayn, Idaho District 11, will discuss in part the political climate and how it is affecting our roles in higher education and how in these sometimes confusing times we can find a Win-Win Solution.

10:30-11:45 A.M.
2.A Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace:
This panel will be made up of the Director of our Student Diversity and Inclusion, Francisco Salinas, as well as those directly affected by everyday stereotypes. This will be an eye opening experience in learning how to make everyone feel like part of the team.

2B. Veterans in the Workplace:
Veterans are a growing number of those sharing the workplace with us. This panel of Wyakin Warrior Board Members will look at what it is like for veterans moving from active duty into civilian jobs. This panel will also help those of us that are not used to being around veterans and perhaps what to expect.

2C. Keys to Collaboration:
This session led by Michael Ryan of the Collective Operating System will tackle the importance of teamwork and collaborating with others to reach a common goal. If you work with other people and rely on them as they rely on you this workshop is for you.

Keynote and Lunch:
Sammi Tucker, Boise’s own paralympian, is a genuine, straight-from-the-heart, passionate speaker. Her message provokes and engages audiences to step into the best version of themselves. She provides them with the inspiration and the tools to take the next step toward living the life they have always wanted.

Sammi’s charm, warmth and down-to-earth sense of humor have impacted many lives. Her amazing personal transformation after losing her arm in 2010 is a clear testament to the power of mindset and intentionality in tackling obstacles. As proof, she put her own message to the test to rise from novice archer in January 2015 to a history-making Paralympic Archer in September of this year.

“My mission is to show people how to see obstacles as the opportunities they are. To help them get out of their own way and live an unlimited life. To see that they are created for a life of purpose, joy and meaning. I want them to hear my message and know that they are capable of more than what they are currently settling for.”

Sammi honed her communication skills as a civilian and Air Force radio and television broadcaster and Department of the Army public affairs officer. She is a soon-to-be author and now speaks to groups looking for inspiration and transformation in individual and collective growth.

1:45-3:00 P.M.
3A. Leadership Culture in the Workplace:
Hear from our very own College of Business and Economics Dean Ken Petersen as he explains the importance of having a leadership culture in your workplace. This is not just for those that are leaders already but for those that are aspiring to rise above where they are right now.

3B. Recognition and Development in the 21st Century:
This session, led by Ryan Littleford, Business Planner for Scentsy, will be focused on how to ensure that those in your workplace are being properly recognized and given opportunities to develop with the changing times.

3C. Excel for Dummies:
CJ Martin, Boise State Executive in Residence, will help us tame the beast that we all utilize almost every day in office settings. Be ready to learn short cuts, table building, formatting, and so much more that you never thought you could easily do on your own. Interactive workshop to learn tips and tricks.

3:15-4:30 P.M.
4A. Stress Free Work Environment:
This is an interactive YOGA class taught by one of our very own Boise State students and Founder of Zero Hour Expeditions Trevor Hill. He will take you through a journey of how to become stress free while leaving you with ways to relax yourself throughout the day as well.

4B. Ki Self Defense Training: 
Joe Gundy, adjunct faculty in Dispute Resolution and Black Belt in Akido who has trained and taught all over the world, will lead this interactive self-defense class meant to give you an introduction to protecting yourself. Prepare to leave feeling a little more confident in protecting yourself.