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AOP Bylaws

Article I – Name

The name of the Association shall be Boise State University Association of Office Professionals, also known as BSUAOP, AOP or the Association.

Article II – Purpose

The purpose of this Association shall be to elevate the standards and promote professional growth of the office personnel (or those aspiring to be) within the University and to provide for a finer understanding of the relationship between the University and the community in order to promote positive attitudes and to encourage further training in specific skills relevant to each member’s job responsibilities.

Article III – Affiliation

This Association shall annually affiliate with the National Association of Educational Office Professionals (NAEOP) and the Idaho Association of Educational Office Professionals (IAEOP).

Article IV – Membership

Section 1         Membership/Election Year will be July 1 through June 30 to coincide with other Boise State Organizations and with the University fiscal year.

Section 2         Membership shall be of two (2) classes: Active and Associate.

Section 3         All persons engaged as office personnel in the educational system of Boise State University shall be eligible upon payment of dues for active membership in the Association and be entitled to a membership vote, to hold office, and to participate in all activities of the Association.

Section 4         Members who are not currently engaged as office personnel, including retirees, but desire to keep in touch with the Association may, upon payment of annual dues, become Associate Members with all the privileges of the Active Member except that of holding office and voting.

Section 5         Active and Associate memberships are determined by payment of annual dues. If a person joins after the start of the membership year, dues shall be assessed on a prorated basis at the rate of the annual membership divided by 12 months and multiplied by the number of months remaining in the membership year.

Section 6         Withdrawal from employment at Boise State University shall transfer membership from Active to Associate status for the remainder of the membership year.

Article V – Officers

Section 1         The officers of the Association shall be President, President Elect, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Immediate Past President, and Member Representatives, all of whom shall be members in good standing (paid dues) at the time they assume office and shall assume office at the beginning of the membership year for which they were elected.

Section 2         The Executive Board shall consist of the officers of the Association (see Article V, Section 1). All shall have voting privileges during Executive Board meetings. Appointed committee chairpersons are encouraged to attend Executive Board meetings but have no voting privileges.

Section 3         Nominations for office shall be made by a nominating committee. (See Article VII, Rules of Elections.)

Article VI – Duties of Officers

Section 1         The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and of the Executive Board, shall call special meetings of the Executive Board, and shall appoint committees as indicated in Article VIII of this document. The President shall be a member ex-officio of all committees except Nominations and Elections.  The President or the Treasurer (President Elect or Past President in lieu of either availability) shall be responsible to approve all Travel Authorization forms for members when Association funds are to be expended for travel-related costs.

Section 2         The President Elect shall perform the duties of the President in the event of the President’s absence, fill a vacancy in the Presidency and be Chair of the annual Professional Development Day.

Section 3         The Vice President shall assist the President and be Chair of the Program Committee.

Section 4         The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of the proceedings of the Association and the Executive Board meetings, and shall send to the President and the Executive Board a copy of the minutes of each meeting within fifteen (15) days after the meeting and secure minutes vote from board prior to the next meeting. The Secretary shall conduct correspondence of the Association as directed by the President.

Section 5         The Treasurer shall receive all monies, disburse funds as directed by the Executive Board, instruct members on matters dealing with the budget and present a monthly report to the Executive Board and Association meetings.

Section 6         The Immediate Past President shall be Chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee.

Section 7         There shall be four (4) elected Member Representatives who will be assigned a portion of the alphabet of all eligible employees at the university.  Chair of the Membership Committee (a member representative) will develop areas for each representative and oversee marketing for the Association in regards to membership. Each Member Representative will also be assigned responsibilities to another committee or assist an office of AOP.

Section 8         The Executive Board shall have the power to fill any vacancies occurring among the officers for the remainder of the term, except the President, until the next election of officers.

Section 9         The Executive Board shall perform such other duties as may be imposed upon it by the Association.

Article VII – Rules of Elections

Section 1         The Nominations and Elections Committee shall consist of three (3) members: one (1) shall be the Immediate Past President who will be Chair, and two (2) from the membership-at-large.

Section 2         The President Elect shall be voted into a three-year term: first year as President-Elect, second year as President, third year as Immediate Past President.  It is in the best interest of the Association that the person elected into the President Elect position has an excellent working knowledge of the Association’s activities, purpose, and doctrine in order to uphold the highest standard of professionalism and integrity that those who have come before have worked hard to achieve and maintain.  Therefore, anyone running for the office is encouraged to have served a minimum of 2 years on the Executive Board prior to being elected into this position.

Section 3         Because the previous President-Elect will fill the office of President automatically, no nominations for president will be needed on the ballot.  If the President Elect cannot serve as President for any reason, nominees will be placed on the ballot for both President and President Elect.  President Elect, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary shall be elected annually for a term of one (1) year.  Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary may succeed themselves in office for one additional term. Additional terms may occur only when no new nominees are available.

Section 4         Member Representatives shall be elected for a term of two (2) years. As available two Member Representatives shall be elected on odd-numbered years and two shall be elected on even-numbered years. Member Representatives may appear on the ballot to succeed themselves in office for one additional two-year term. No member shall serve more than two (2) consecutive terms in the same office but may serve in the same office again, after a two-year break in service. Additional terms may occur only when no new nominees are available.

Section 5         Committee chairs serve at the discretion of the President and are not subjected to elections or limits of terms.

Section 6         The Nominations and Elections Committee shall present a call for nominations for candidates to the general membership at least six (6) weeks prior to the end of the membership year. At least four (4) weeks prior to the end of the membership year elections will occur. At least two (2) weeks prior to the end of the membership year the new Board will be announced for the upcoming membership year.

Section 7         All active members in good standing shall receive an electronic ballot or through interoffice mail if requested. The candidates receiving the highest number of votes for each office shall be verified by the Committee and declared elected.

Article VIII – Committees and Appointments

Section 1         The Association shall have the following Standing Committees or Representatives:

  • Membership
  • Newsletter
  • Nominations and Elections
  • Programs Committee
  • Scholarships and Awards
  • Professional Development Day

Section 2         The duties of the Standing Committees shall be as follows:

A. The Membership Chair shall collect dues in collaboration with the Treasurer.  The Membership Chair, in working with the Member Representatives, shall:

  • Send membership renewal notices to past members prior to the beginning of the new membership year
  • Determine the eligibility of members to vote
  • Promote membership
  • Update and maintain a current membership roster on the organization’s website
  • Support various AOP committees and chairs as assigned

B. The Newsletter Representative, also known as the editor, is responsible for publishing a newsletter at least two (2) up to four (4) times a year. The official name of the publication shall be “The Keynoter.” Recommended publication pattern: September/October, November/December, February/March, and April/May.

C. The Nominations and Elections Committee shall comply with the regulations provided in Article VII of this document. The Immediate Past President shall be the Chair of the Committee.

D. The Programs Committee shall provide meaningful speakers and workshop leaders for the sessions referred to as ‘Brown Bag’ that are open to all campus employees, upon approval of the Executive Board. The Vice President shall be Chair of the Committee. Brown Bags should be held during months not encumbered in other AOP events (such as Professional Development Day, Bosses Breakfast, etc.)

E. The Scholarship and Awards Committee shall be responsible for recommendations to the Executive Board for final approval of recipients of scholarships and the Administrator of the Year and Office Professional of the Year awards.

F. The Professional Development Day (PDD) Committee shall be responsible for planning the daylong conference open to the campus and community. The President Elect shall be the chair of the committee.

G. Other committees may be created as needed on a temporary basis.

Section 3         The President, with the approval of the Executive Board, shall appoint the Standing Committee Chairs (with the exception of Programs, Professional Development Day and Nominations and Elections) annually.

Section 4         The Chair of each committee shall select the members of the committee. The minimum number of members of each committee should be three (3), the committee Chair and two (2) members-at-large. The Committee Chair will submit these names, in writing or electronically, to the President as soon as the committee is formed.

Section 5         The President, with acceptance from the appointee and approval of the Executive Board, shall appoint one member to each of the following positions annually:

  • Scholarship and Awards Chair
  • Membership Chair
  • Association of Classified Employees (ACE) Representative
  • Professional Staff Association (PSA) Representative
  • Photographer
  • Professional Standards Program (PSP) Representative

A. The Scholarships & Awards Chair is responsible for processing applications in conjunction with members in good standing for NAEOP, IAEOP and other conferences, course work or for other education-related requests and the Office Professional and Administrator of the Year awards. The Committee will determine application due dates and budgets for the various types of requests following established guidelines. (See Standing Rules Scholarship/Award Guidelines)  The Scholarship and Awards Committee Chair shall work closely with the President and the Treasurer to ensure that scholarship funds to be used for travel-related expenses are expended following the AOP and University policy.

B. The Membership Chair shall be responsible for organization and oversight of all membership activities and shall ensure Member Representatives are assigned where needed in assistance to various committees.

C. The ACE Representative shall be responsible for representing the Association at the monthly ACE meetings and reporting to the Association about ACE meetings.

D. The PSA Representative shall be responsible for representing the Association at the monthly PSA meetings and reporting to the Association about PSA meetings.

E. The Photographer shall be responsible for attending all major events to create a photographic history of the Association’s activities.

F. The PSP Representative shall endorse and maintain the ideals and standards of this organization by encouraging members to maintain a high level of performance in their work by enrolling in the NAEOP Professional Standards Program.  The PSP Representative shall provide members with information on how to enroll, provide or arrange for coaching, and submit each monthly program to NAEOP for approval towards PSP requirements.

Section 6         The President may appoint special committees as necessary.

Section 7         The President shall serve as an ex-officio member of all standing and special committees except the Nominations and Elections Committee.

Section 8         Each Committee Chair shall prepare an annual report to be presented at the end of the membership year. Each report shall be placed on the AOP Google site and a copy placed with Albertsons Library Special Collections & Archives.

Article IX – Meetings

Section 1         The suggested order of business for general or Executive Board meetings of the Association is as follows: Call to Order, Reporting of the Minutes, Reports of Officers, Reports of Standing Committees, Reports of Special Committees, Unfinished Business from previous meeting, New Business, and Action Items.

Section 2         All meetings of this Association shall be conducted according to parliamentary   procedures as set forth in the latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order or other means as determined by the Board at the beginning of each membership year.

Section 3         Board meetings will be held monthly except for June, July and August which will be held as called for by the president and attended by those available based on employment status.

Section 4         The Annual Meeting of the Association should be held in May.

Section 5         Special meetings of the membership may only be called by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Executive Board.

Section 6         Special meetings of the Executive Board may be called by the President.

Article X – Quorum

Section 1         A simple majority of the elected members of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

Section 2         Membership present shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at all regularly announced meetings of the Association.

Article XI – Amendments

Section 1         Amendments to the Bylaws shall be submitted in writing to the President for discussion at the next Executive Board Meeting.  Once amendments have been approved by the board they shall be submitted in writing/electronically to the general membership at least fifteen (15) days prior to a vote being taken.

Section 2         A two-thirds (2/3) vote of all voting members present at a meeting or a 2/3 vote of all ballots received by e-mail shall be required for the passage of amendments.

Section 3         The amendment shall become effective immediately following adoption.

Article XII – Indemnification

The Association shall indemnify any present or former officer or member of the Association, and their respective heirs, administrators, personal representatives, successors and assigns, against any and all costs and expenses, including, but not limited to, counsel fees, judgments paid and amounts paid in settlement (before or after legal proceedings are commenced), actually and reasonably incurred, in connection with the defense of any claim, action, suit or proceeding, whether civil, criminal, administrative or otherwise in nature, in which such person may be involved by reason of being or having been such officer or member of the Association, except in relation to matters as to which such officer or member shall be adjudged in any action, suit or proceeding to be liable for his own negligence or misconduct in the performance of a duty to the Association.

A conviction or judgment, whether based on a plea of guilty or nolo contendere or its equivalent, or after trial, in a criminal action, suit or proceeding shall not be deemed an adjudication of liability for negligence or misconduct in the performance of a duty to the Association, if such officer or member acted in good faith and believed that such action was for the best interest of the Association with no reasonable cause to believe that the action was illegal.

The foregoing indemnification shall not be deemed exclusive of any other rights to which such officer or member may be entitled under any bylaw, agreement or otherwise. The Association, its officers, members or agents shall be fully protected in taking any action or making any payment under this Article XII, or in refusing to do so upon the advice of legal counsel.

Original Bylaws adopted in 1982.
Revised and approved by the BSUAOP on March 12, 1985 by unanimous voice vote.
Revised and approved by a unanimous voice vote of the membership on February 8, 1995.
Revised with the addition of Article XII, Indemnification – and approved by a unanimous voice vote of the membership in the Fall of 1998.
Revised May 10, 2005 by a vote of those in attendance at the May general meeting.
Revised March 10, 2009 by a vote of those in attendance at the March general meeting.
Revised April 1, 2017 by a majority vote of those voting.