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Bicycle Routes to Campus

Below are links to nine bicycle routes designed and tested by Boise State University faculty and staff members who are seasoned bicycle commuters. Routes are given narratively and are accompanied by route maps wherever these could be produced at a scale convenient for printing. For all but Route 5, you will see the following:

  • a suggested point of departure. These are provided for people who plan to join friends in bicycling to campus.
  • a suggested time of departure. Departure times assume a rider who wishes to arrive at campus by 8:00 a.m., and who makes the trip at an average speed of 10 miles per hour (including waiting times at traffic lights). Most people can average better than 10 miles per hour, without strenuous effort.
  • estimated times at which riders will pass selected locations on the route. These are provided so that people can join a group that is already en route.

We encourage you (and your friends!) to try the routes, to personalize times to fit your needs for arrival on campus, and to give us feedback at

Routes established to date are as follows:

We hope that this small collection of routes will serve a fair portion of those who commute to campus. In the future, we will try to develop routes to serve campus from various Park-and-Ride facilities, in order to involve commuters who originate in the Meridian/Kuna, Nampa/Caldwell, and Middleton/Star areas.