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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Bicycle Friendly Business Workshop

Thirty-four individuals representing various businesses, agencies and organizations gathered at the Owyhee Plaza on Wednesday morning, April 20, for an interactive session that also featured a field trip to CTA Architects. Participants in the workshop represented eleven different businesses; ten different agencies of federal, state or local govenment; and seven different advisory or advocacy groups. Also in attendance was Idaho Senator Eliot Werk. Each person in attendance received a copy of LAB’s Blueprint for a Bicycle-Friendly America. To supplement the Blueprint, Bill Nesper ran through a PowerPoint presentation of the Five Es. Following a short mid-morning break, the group walked across Grove Street to visit the offices of CTA Architects, where we were given a look at how CTA has adapted its workspace to encourage cycling.

The group expressed interest in continuing to communicate. An e-mail discussion group has been created for the purpose. Questions? Contact us via e-mail at

Bicycle Friendly University Workshop

Boise State University was among the first to apply for the new designation. Those who cooperated in compiling the university’s application, along with managers from Boise State offices that oversee the “Five Es,” convened on Wednesday afternoon, April 20, to talk about future directions. Because the audience was comprised almost entirely of Boise State University personnel (the lone exception was ITD’s Maureen Gresham), this workshop concentrated on an inventory of “next steps” that would help the university move toward Silver and higher recognition. The workshop included commentary from LAB representative Bill Nesper, and a walking tour during which we visited the original Bike Barn; the Pedestrian Priority Zone; Brady Bike Pen; and site of new Cycle Learning Center. Arranged according to the Five Es, here are recommendations that came out of the workshop.

Evaluation and Planning

  • user satisfaction survey (good examples can be found at UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, Stanford)
  • implement Alta Plan
  • do bike counts


  • targeted enforcement of bicycle laws both on campus and along feeder routes


  • implement a bike sharing program
  • tie staff and faculty into Student Recreation Center programs
  • build awareness of where to shower and get clean clothes
  • get upper administration involved; interest them in advancing to Silver, Gold, Platinum
  • roadside service: people can get this for their cars (lockouts, dead batteries) why not for their bikes?


  • connect gaps
  • establish more covered bicycle parking
  • achieve standardization of bicycle parking
  • work on University Drive; get more bicycle facilities on the pavement
  • take steps so that CLC becomes campus bicycle hub
  • develop bicycle-friendly gateways to campus
  • in cooperation with ACHD, improve level of service for bicycles on campus access routes, especially Kootenia/Protest


  • integrate planning for bicycles with M.A. in planning program
  • implement a “Dorm Challenge” (example from Stanford)
  • University 101 course should introduce people to the resources that exist for cycling on campus
  • include an overview of bicycling resources in new student orientation
  • make bike map widely available
  • develop more bicycle education for people that drive University vehicles

Questions? Contact us via e-mail at

League Presents Awards at Bicycle Congress Session

On Thursday, April 21, Bicycle Congress participants gathered to celebrate Bicycle Friendly Business recognition for three pioneering businesses, all located in Boise.  Awards were presented to

Healthwise, Incorporated (Silver)

REI Boise (Bronze)

National Interagency Fire Center (Bronze, from 2010)

Bicycle Friendly America Workshops

Through its Bicycle Friendly America campaign, the League of American Bicyclists (LAB) honors the work being done by states, communties, businesses and universities who encourage a more bicycle friendly atmosphere for citizens, employees, customers and students. The program recognizes innovative bike-friendly efforts and provides technical assistance and information to help our communities, companies and organizations become even better for bicyclists. On April 20, Boise State University will host two workshops aimed at helping participants achieve recognition as bicycle friendly organizations.

Bicycle Friendly Business Workshop: 8:15 a.m. to Noon, Wednesday, April 20

A Bicycle Friendly Business is one which actively supports bicycling for transportation and recreation. There are many such businesses in our community, yet few have sought recognition from the LAB. In order to help local businesses realize their potential for award, Boise State University has invited Bill Nesper, director of Bicycle Friendly America programs, to present this half-day workshop. There is no fee for participation. This workshop will be held in downtown Boise at the Owyhee Plaza, Regency Room.

Bicycle Friendly University Workshop: 1:30 to 4:30 p.m., Wednesday, April 20

Bicycle Friendly University programs, launched in October of 2010, will provide incentives, hands-on assistance, and award recognition for colleges and universities that actively support bicycling for transportation and recreation. Boise State University was among the first to apply for the new designation, and now wishes to help jump-start the process for candidate institutions around the northwest. There is no fee for participation. This workshop will be held in the Boise State Student Union Building, Simplot A Ballroom.

Related activities April 21 (Thursday morning)

Details of these activites to be announced.

Questions? Contact us via e-mail at