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Monthly Archives: April 2008

Fourth Annual Symposium of the Community Bicycle Congress

Boise State University Student Union
Bishop Barnwell Room
April 25, 2008

In 2008, the Community Bicycle Congress will convene just as the Ada County Highway District completes its “Roadways to Bikeways” master plan. In celebration of that plan’s significance, the fourth Bicycle Congress will serve as a kind of coming-out party in which we unveil the new plan while exploring its connection with other plans and agreements already being implemented in the Treasure Valley and at Boise State University.

As in past years, the fourth Bicycle Congress will feature presentations by invited researchers. Peter Furth, professor of engineering at Northeastern University, has been studying design criteria to help people overcome the stresses of cycling in city traffic. His paper explores on-road bicycle facilities for children and other “easy riders.” José Weissmann, professor of engineering at the University of Texas at San Antonio, has developed a GIS to assist the Texas Department of Transportation in determining bicycle accommodation priorities for rural roads, when these are due for rehabilitation. His paper is entitled, “Rural Bicycle Accommodation Plan and Decision-Aid Tool.”

Joining professors Furth and Weissmann will be a panel of distinguished local guests, to address a significant collection of plans and agreements that have come into being during the past two years in the Treasure Valley. These include:

  • Downtown Boise Mobility Study (2007);
  • Meridian Pathways Plan (2007);
  • U. S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement (2006);
  • Communities in Motion (2006).

How will these plans, already being implemented, relate to the new bicycle master plan? Can the plans have combined effects that better allow bicycling to achieve its potential as a non-polluting mode of transport? Cyclists, policymakers and the public deserve a forum in which these questions are asked.

Join us Friday evening and Saturday morning for the Women’s Bike Fitness Festival, sponsored in part by the Department of Kinesiology at Boise State University. The festival will feature two fun, non-competitive group rides led by the women of team; demonstrations of equipment will be offered at a celebration in Ann Morrison Park on Saturday morning.