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Inspired by Community Engagement

How can our transportation systems best incorporate the bicycle—a non-polluting, healthful mode of travel? How can Boise State University best serve as a resource for planners, policymakers and engineers who strive to build bicycle-friendly communities?

Those were the founding questions of the Bicycle Congress. Since 2004, the project has pursued a mission that is broadly two-fold: be a source of encouragement for individuals learning to commute by bicycle; and be a node of engagement between the university and its community—an open forum where global knowledge can benefit local concerns.

Communities around the world have become interested in replacing automobile commute trips with bicycle trips. Bicycle-oriented urban planning has yielded a growing body of research, much of it community centered and applicable in local contexts. To fulfill its mission of community engagement, the Bicycle Congress selects noteworthy, timely research for inclusion in periodic symposia which have attracted community planners, engineers, policymakers and bicycling advocates. To engage individuals, we surround each symposium with events and activities to encourage bicycle commuting.

The purposes of this web site are to house a record of Bicycle Congress achievements; to report and archive news releases; and to announce upcoming events.

Questions? Contact us via e-mail at