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Goodwill Program

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The Association of Classified Employees (ACE) initiated the Goodwill Program in 2003 to assist classified employees at Boise State University who found that having an extra meal a week would benefit them financially. Utilizing a voucher system funds are applied to an employee’s ID Bronco Card to purchase meals at on-campus dining locations.

The Goodwill Program is entirely funded by donations from employees here on campus as well as companies that work alongside us. ARAMARK currently assists by subsidizing a portion of the food costs as well as Capital Educators Federal Credit Union has also been a major contributor over the last several years.

All University employees can donate to this program for as little as $2 per pay period through the use of Payroll Deduction (Goodwill Payroll Deduction Form) or directly by cash or check (made payable to A.C.E.) and sent to mail stop 1600.


Applications for assistance are due by the 20th of each month. Employees need to apply every month for which they wish to receive assistance. After the Goodwill Request Form is submitted and approved, the Bronco Card Office will credit your Employee ID card for up to $32 for the month. Unused funds are swept at the end of each month and go back into the Goodwill Fund. You can also fill out the request form online by clicking here. 

All areas of this process, from receipt of application, to letters sent, and individual donations to the program are confidential. The limit for eligibility is earning $11.65/hour or less. Guidelines for eligibility are subject to change. If an employee is denied they may appeal the decision with the Goodwill Committee. Part-time and temporary employees are not eligible at this time

Please extend a helping hand to your fellow employees
by donating to the Goodwill Program
Thank you!