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BYLAWS of the
As Amended July 2017


  1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association, appoint committees of the Association, and perform other duties as required.
  2. The Vice-President shall serve as the special aide to the President and shall assume all presidential duties in the absence of the President.
  3. The Treasurer shall maintain a ledger and, after majority approval of the Senate, shall co-sign with the President on any expenditure, other than those of a clerical nature. The Treasurer shall make a report for each regular meeting or present special reports as requested.
  4. The Secretary shall take minutes of all Senate and Association meetings and enter those into official records of the Association. The Secretary shall make the minutes available to the Senate within 3 business days of each meeting, the Senate will have an additional 2 business days to approve the minutes. Once approved, minutes will be amended,  if necessary, and made available to Association members by the 7th business day. It will also be the duty of the Secretary to notify all classified employees of meetings and of election information. The Secretary shall have charge of records and papers of the Association relating to its organization and history and will file these papers with the Archives section of the Albertsons Library on an annual basis.
  5. The Sergeant at Arms shall uphold the Bylaws and Constitution of the Association.  The Sergeant at Arms helps to ensure all decisions are carried out as quickly as possible, that order is kept at events, and act as a timekeeper during meetings. The Sergeant at Arms will abide by the times set forth in the agenda and, in the event of topics going over time, decide whether a topic is given extra time during the meeting or tabled.
  6. The Past President shall serve as a non-voting member of the Senate (except in the case of a tie).  The Past President shall act as an advisor to the Officers and Senate and perform other duties as assigned by the Association President
  7. The Senators shall develop and implement the purposes, objectives and organizational programs of the Association, and communicate those plans and outcomes to the members.
  8. All Association Officers and Senators shall strive to the best of their ability to participate in all aspects of the ACE Organization including but not limited to: chairing a committee either for the University or ACE, participating in Association events and activities; and communicating with Association members about items that pertain to classified employees.


  1. The President shall appoint a Nomination and Election Committee from the classified employees at the beginning of each election cycle.
  2. The Committee will then 1) prepare a nomination form and distribute it to the ACE members at least ten (10) days prior to the Spring General Meeting, 2) ascertain if nominees are willing to run for office, 3) ensure to the best of their ability fair representation from the nominees chosen, 3) inform candidates of the responsibilities and duties of the offices, 4) ensure to the best of their ability sufficient candidates for each vacancy and 5) prepare ballots for each general election in accordance with election procedures.


  1. The Senate shall meet on a regular basis, with meeting dates to be determined by majority approval of the Senate. They shall also meet on a date, time and place designated by the President or by majority approval of the Senate when issues needing special attention arise.
  2. If a quorum of the Senate is met, then official voting may take place during a meeting.
  3. Meetings of the Association may be postponed or suspended by the President with approval of a majority of the Senate when necessary because of exceptional circumstances, but notification of suspension and the reason shall be given to the membership whenever possible at least ten (10) days in advance of the scheduled meeting date.
  4. Meetings will be conducted utilizing Robert’s Rules of Order.


  1. All ACE written communications to ACE members from Officers and Senators will be approved by the Association President and at least one other Officer prior to distribution.
  2. The Secretary distributes any communication to the Association membership via the ACE email mailbox once it has been approved.
  3. The Officers will oversee the regular and thorough updating of the ACE Association’s public postings, including but not limited to: ACE web page, social media accounts, and newsletter.


  1. Any member of the Senate may be removed before their term expires if it is found that they can no longer efficiently act in the position they fill.  The process for removal is as follows:
    • A motion of “no confidence” must be presented by an active Senate member and seconded.
    • The Senator presenting the motion must explain their reason(s) for making the motion and provide supporting facts.
    • The Senate member against whom the motion was presented will be given time immediately following the motion to respond and, if needed, 3 business days to gather information that they feel would help oppose the motion.
    • After all information is presented by the motioning Senate member and responding Senate member the Senate will vote and the Senate member may be removed from office by a two-thirds vote of Senate members.
    • Once a Senate member is removed from their position it will be considered a vacant seat and applicable vacancy rules will apply (see ACE Constitution, Article 6, Section 3).


  1. Any provision in these Bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the Senate.


Upon dissolution of this Association, if such should occur, the President shall instruct the Secretary to notify all members of the Association.