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Association of Classified Employees


June 14, 2016

Good day to all my fellow classified employees,

I would like to thank you for honoring me in electing me President of the ACE Senate. I hope all I do during this year reflects the confidence you have shown.

The Senate is setting goals for this year. I will outline a few of them:
♦ Improve communication with our members – to accomplish this, all Senate members will represent a number of departments on campus. You will know who your Senate representative is and will receive communication on Senate issues and voice your concerns via your representative.
♦ Review and revise the Constitution and By-laws of the Senate – this should be done periodically. (One big change I am pushing is for Consensus Decision Making to replace Roberts Rules of Order.)
♦ Increase the fundraising and fun activities for our Goodwill Fund and employees.

Expect more emails or letters from the Senate. Expect more surveys to complete – it is the only way to amend the Constitution and Bylaws or for you to easily give us your opinion. On the whole – expect to be more involved with ACE if you choose to do so.

The ACE senate represents you; we need your input for direction. It is not my opinion that should matter, it is the combined decisions and opinions of all Classified Employees that should matter.

Thank you for your attention,
Sherepta McLeod, AA2
President, ACE Senate