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Association of Classified Employees

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I would like to welcome all classified staff to the 2015/2016 year and the continuation of our hard work in support of the University, its mission and our students.

Classified staff are more than just a group of employees.  We are part of a whole, along with professional staff and faculty, which supports the University in its mission to educate our students who in turn derives their support from the State Board of Education, parents and the community.  It takes all of us working together to enable the University to grow, with a strong educational and research reputation and service to our students and staff that is recognized nationally.

I look forward to the coming year in building relationships with many people, from University administration to Facilities, Operations & Maintenance.  Creating a connection is one of the things that make this university great.  The ability to create avenues of communication in which we can all participate, we all have equal voice and we all are held in esteem with each one of our colleagues.

The entire Association of Classified Employees Senate is looking forward to developing partnerships across campus, through involvement with University committees, contact with all university employees, and awareness of the issues that come along that affect not only classified employees but all university employees and students.

All classified employees are encouraged to contact the Senate to discuss concerns and bring issues to our attention.  Let us know what you think.  We are your organization and we are here to represent you.

The ACE website is updated throughout the year.
Contact us by email through any individual senate member.
Send an email to the
Use our Mailstop, MS 1305.
We also have a Facebook page – be sure to like us!
ACE-Association of Classified Employees of Boise State University.

Let’s work together to make this year awesome and productive!
Lisa DeRosier, ACE President